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How Two Sisters Achieved Ultimate Happiness & Freedom Thanks to CBD

Hi! My name is Jennifer. I’m the older sister on the right. As I write this, we just kicked off 2021. Last year was not the best for many. Not only were so many affected by the virus through infection, or loss of loved ones, but many more have been impacted socially, professionally, and/or financially.

My sister, Amy, baby sister on the left, and I look back on 2020 a bit differently. Overwhelmingly, it was a positive and inspiring year for us. Sure, we had impacts. Amy just finished a 14 day quarantine with COVID in her home. I personally lost a part-time remote position early on in 2020. Thankfully, I had set up a little side gig a few months prior and it’s been the best professional decision I’ve ever made!

That side-gig, turned amazing business, is what continues to sustain me & my family. In fact, we are on the precipice of financial freedom!

I started this officially in October 2019, but due to having a newborn, didn’t actually begin working the business until January. Amy joined me at the end of January. I had posted on Facebook something to the effect of “I’m looking for 3 advocates to join me in my new CBD business!” I didn’t get 3 that day- but I did get Amy! Until recently, she has worked the business slowly, by choice. Her regular job ramped up and she has been busier than usual managing it.

On the other hand, I have been able to work the business and help us both grow. Today, we have some amazing results including;

*We both got promoted in November (Amy twice!) and I was promoted again in March.

*Every month our sales grow significantly- in November& December our team sold over $200,000 worth of CBD. In the first quarter of 2021, we have sold ~$500k!

*Our team size has grown to over 550+ advocates. People just like Amy & I who want to grow their own business and earn financial and time freedom.

*We have helped over a thousand customers, in the past 30 days alone, with organic NC-grown CBD. It’s a phenomenal little compound! Just google whatever you are struggling with and type CBD after it, I bet you get a ton of hits!

*We both have improved our overall wellness thanks to CBD. I have better sleep, fewer headaches, reduced reliance on medications, and I handle stress much better than before. Amy is different- she actually gets a little ‘boost’ from CBD, so she takes it in the morning. It helps her focus throughout the day and stay on top of things. She has also noticed her normal day-to-day “worrying” is diminished.

The thing is- CBD works for each individual in a way that their body personally needs. Why? Because it works to bring your body back to homeostasis. AND it actually doesn’t do the work on its own. CBD tells your body to take care of itself.

I feel the best I’ve ever felt. So does Amy. Taking the CBD helps us feel great!

And having it as a business is setting both of us up for financial independence. The rewards go far beyond financial. There’s the personal fulfillment of growing and building your own business. There is also so much joy each time we hear testimonials from customers.

So…we have built a business that does the following for us;

*Allows us to help other people.

*Allows us to feel better and have better overall wellness personally.

*Is helping us work towards financial independence.

*Offers REAL freedom- the freedom of TIME!

*Provides personal fulfillment beyond what our regular jobs provided.

*Grants us a plethora of FREE professional development courses, lectures, groups & activities.

*Allows us to work from anywhere, on our own time, at whatever pace we want.

*And much, much more!

AND, here’s the real shocker- you can get started for as little as $49! In fact, our highest entry point is $499 and that includes around $1200 worth of products! For me, $499 is cheaper than just business licenses when I was last looking.

If you have made it this far and are intrigued- AWESOME!

If you are looking for products, check out our website.

Amy’s shopping link is here.

Jennifer’s shopping link is here.

If you are interested in starting your own CBD business, we invite you to check out these two short videos. The first is from our company and offers a great overall view. The second is one I personally recorded. It’s short, to the point, and very amateur- ANYONE can do this business. It’s focused on many of the FAQs I get.

You can click here for the company video.

Here is my FAQ video.

After watching those videos, if you have decided this is right for you, we would love to have you join us! If you have any questions, email us at myorganiccbd@gmail.com .

If you are ready to order your kit and get going, use one of the join links below. We are both on the same team, so go with either of us.

Amy’s join link

Jennifer’s join link.

Wishing you happiness & success! Amy & Jennifer

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