Over the past year, I have ventured into the world of CBD. I have learned a lot, but mostly I have found out that I have a lot left to learn. CBD was legalized federally in the US recently and interest and use has skyrocketed.

As a pharmacist, friends and family were coming to me for advice. They wanted to know what product to take, and how much. They were curious about what they could use it for. I must admit I was not equipped to answer their questions. So I set out to educate myself. What I discovered was a highly unregulated industry filled with everything from amazing products to the equivalent of garbage-in-a-bottle.

What started as research eventually turned into a side-gig. From there, I have gone on to become an advocate and educator in the industry. I joined an amazing company based in Wilmington, NC. As a pharmacist, I put my name behind their products because they have unwavering quality and purity standards. What they say is in the bottle, is in the bottle. And what they say IS NOT in the bottle, isn’t in there (like the heavy metals and toxins found in some others). At the time of this writing, they are the only CBD product on the market in our space with USDA organic certification- not only for their farms, but also for the full spectrum of products contained within every bottle. They are vertically integrated and manage the entire process from seed to bottle.

I decided to devote a portion of this site to all things CBD. I plan to add non-branded content about cannabidiol and its uses, testimonials, and information about the products and company that I represent. I love educating and sharing about it. Feel free to send any questions my way- myorganiccbd@gmail.com.