CBD Products

All products can be viewed on my site here. Below, I give a description of each and testimonials on the ones I have personal familiarity with.  As of the time of this writing, the products regularly used in my household include the broad spectrum tinctures, essential oil roll-ons, soothe cream, reduce cream, lip-balms, glow-bundle skin care and the boost immune. We use others less frequently but the ones mentioned are our go-to’s and we love them. 

Some general things to keep in mind when purchasing-

  1. You can purchase retail, or as a ‘preferred customer'(PC).  The best way to go is PC, you save 20% off the retail price. Doing so enrolls you in a monthly auto-ship. BUT…there is no commitment. You can quite easily change it, update it, alter the dates, etc.  The company will also send you an email about 5 days prior to your next auto-ship as a reminder to give you time to update the order. 
  2. Buying as as PC you pay shipping only the first 2 months, after that, shipping is FREE! That’s right! As long as you order something (can be any $ amount) at least monthly, you get to keep free shipping. So its 1-2-FREE!
  3. There is a 30-day full money back guarantee on all our products, even if the bottle is empty. So, if for whatever reason you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund (minus shipping).
  4. This is the pharmacist in me talking now- a great way to save money is to purchase a higher concentration and take a smaller dose. The $/mg is lower. This can allow you to stretch a bottle. I personally do this and only need a new bottle about every 2 months. Another way to save is by checking out our bundles.


We have a complete line up of CBD oils. We have full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate products with a variety of flavors to choose from. All of our oils are extracted from the hemp flower utilizing a slow CO2 extraction process guaranteeing the highest bioavailabilty and purity standards in the industry.

Full-spectrum oils contain all cannabinoids and terpenes from the flower.

Broad-spectrum oils contain all the same contents of full-spectrum except the THC has been removed.

CBD Isolates contain only CBD, no other cannabinoids in any noticeable amounts

All tinctures are best when taken sublingually. It’s best to dose by starting low and going slow. I recommend most of my customers use about 1/2 of a dropperful once a day to start with and increase a little every few days until they achieve desired effects.


Our topical products includes 2 creams. The Soothe cream contains 150mg of CBD and is a white odorless cream. Our Reduce cream contains 300mg of CBD but also contains other ingredients that are FDA registered including camphor, menthol, and salicylate. Personally, I use the Soothe cream for every day aches and pains and I also use on my head/jaw/temple when I have a headache. I use the Reduce cream when I have more severe pain. For instance, when I hurt my back moving some furniture.

We also offer patches, lip-balm, hand/foot creams, bath-bombs, hand sanitizer, and CBD infused essential oil roll-ons. The roll-ons are a family favorite for us. There are a variety of them. The most popular in our home is the Calm (lavender scent for sleep), Shine (citrus scented), and Focus (minty fresh scent). You can buy them individually or all 6 in a bundle at a huge savings. Here is the bundle

Skin Care

This goes along with topicals as well, but did you know there are more EC receptors in your skin than anywhere else? I didn’t know that until I got in this business. The skin can benefit greatly from our products. We have a cleanser, peel pads, and a moisturizer. The cream is my favorite! Here is a link to the bundle of all 3 with details.

Boost Line

We have a line of products that do not contain CBD called Boost. These products contain a combination of plant terpenes and essential oils. There are 3 boosts, each targeted to immunity, pain relief, metabolism and sleep. Here is a link to a bundle with all 3. They can be ordered individually or together at a savings. Personally, I take the Boost Immune every day and have done so since we first launched the product in the Spring of 2020. Usually, I get sinus infections several times a year, especially in the spring when it usually also renders me speechless (horrible laryngitis).  However, I have been on the product for 4-5 months now with ZERO sinus infections. Actually- I aside from some seasonal allergies I haven’t been sick at all since taking it! Highly recommend!


Last but not least, we offer two pet products. Both are tinctures. One is a 250mg natural flavored and one is 500mg bacon flavored. Both are great, it just really depends on how much your baby needs. These tinctures differ from our human oils because the carrier oil is hemp-seed oil (vs. MCT for humans). This ensures the best bio-availability for fur-babies. Here is a link to see the bacon one, for instance. Personally, we use the 250mg for our little dachshund, Miss Scarlett. I put about half a dropperful on her food when she needs some. We don’t give it to her every day. Instead, we give it to help her stay calm if we are having company, for instance. Also, if we road trip- she gets car sick without it. 

A lot of customers prefer the bacon-flavored and its probably what I will buy next time. Honestly, you can save a lot of $ buying that way.

If you have any questions about what the best product(s) for you are, check out this survey. Also, feel free to reach out to discuss with me. My email is myorganiccbd@gmail.com . You can also find my phone number on my GC website.