CBD Gummies- Why they aren’t as good as you might think.

I first got started in the CBD industry at the end of 2019. I am a pharmacist and former hospital CEO. I was looking for a side-hustle that would allow me to stay home with my kids. I joined a company with farms in NC that develops the highest quality USDA certified organic CBD available. They were a new company, but growing fast. They started with just a few oils and topicals but gradually expanded the offerings to include skincare and more! One thing we have never had- gummies.

I wondered why we did not supply our customers with one of the most popular CBD products. What I learned blew my mind!

First, gummies are considered a food product and the FDA still has not cleared these legally. Even so, they are widely available and there are no FDA crackdowns. However, my company wants to maintain full and strict regulatory compliance.

Another reason- the absorption of gummies (or any ingested CBD) is very low. Some sources say as little as just 13%! To put that into context- if you eat a 25mg gummie, you actually only absorb as little as 3.25mg! But the absorption can vary person to person or even for the same individual based on what they have in their stomach. This makes it especially difficult to dose children consistently.

Flash forward to February 2021 and my company is releasing the first and only USDA certified organic nano-jelly product! These were created in our labs under strict surveillance by the USDA and under the supervision of an FDA attorney. They are totally legal, compliant, organic, and amazing!

Not only do they utilize nano-particle technology to create a water-soluble CBD product that provides up to 10x the absorption of sublingual CBD oils, but they did it while still maintaining USDA organic certification. No harsh chemicals or processes like with other nano/water-soluble products. This is unprecedented!

The jellies can be cut to achieve desired doses and no doubt will be a game-changer to the market. If you are currently using CBD gummies, consider trying nano-jellies. If you are using CBD oil but would prefer to have jellies instead, or in addition to your oil, check them out. They are available as a broad spectrum product at this time.

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