My CBD Story- Year One

A year ago I honestly thought CBD was a fad- perhaps even some kind of legal loophole for people to use marijuana or get high. As a licensed pharmacist in 4 states, I was intrigued, but also timid to delve into it. We didn’t learn anything about the endocannabinoid system in school. They touched on THC but skipped right past CBD. I was as clueless as anyone, even with my fancy, expensive degree.

The thing was, I had a lot of friends and family members coming to me asking for help. They wanted to know about CBD, what kind to take, how to take it, and where to get it. I felt bad because I didn’t have answers for them.

I left my hospital CEO job and was shifting my life to become a stay-at-home mom. I was planning to do healthcare consulting on the side. My schedule was freeing up for the first time in years! I decided I’d check into the whole CBD-thing….

What I found ranged from awesome to downright scary.  There was no shortage of incredible stories about how well CBD was helping people from all walks of life. People were finding relief from pain, headaches, stress, GI issues, skin issues, and improving their overall well-being. Many people were very sick and CBD was the first thing that had given them their life back. I also found stories about sub-par products containing amounts of CBD very different from labeling. I found where the FDA took action against some companies for heavy metals and toxins in their products. I was sort of amazed that for something newly legalized there was very little by way of regulation. It was like the wild-wild-west!

After seeing all this, I knew I had to find a product I could recommend to those I loved. I definitely didn’t want them using any of those sub-par products. About that time, another pharmacist in my network reached out to me about Green Compass. After hearing all about the company, their product line, the unprecedented quality and purity along with amazing culture, I jumped on board.

It’s now been a year since I joined the company and I could not be more thrilled with my decision! Not only have I now been able to help countless people feel better by using our products, I’ve also been able to grow a business. This has allowed me to stay home longer than I ever dreamed I could. In fact, I haven’t really done much general healthcare consulting. Most of my time has been focused on my newfound passion- CBD.

You can read more about the specifics on my journey here. I paired up with my sister, Amy, to get started. She was the first person to support me. Now, all three of my sisters and our parents are in the business too. All of my family plus over 350 other team members- in just one year! Growth has been amazing.

My first working month, January 2020, our sales were just over $800. A year later, January 2021, our sales topped $130,000!!!!

Newsflash- you cannot sell that much CBD in a single month unless its effective, high quality, and produces results. Read up on our journey and consider if this could be right for you too! You won’t know if you don’t ask. ~blessings